The QCTO/ETDP SETA is developing an occupational qualification for ECD practitioners at Level 4, and must consult the wider ECD stakeholder community. You may have been emailed an invite to feedback on the profiling document. If you did not, download them on the QCTO DOCUMENTATION page (see tab above). We encourage you as an organisation or individual to submit comments using the verification questionnaire as required by the ETDP SETA (details on the same page).


To support the process, BRIDGE and Ilifa Labantwana have set up this blog so we can debate issues pertinent to this qualification and ECD qualifications in general. Members of the working group will also participate to see what the debates are, and to raise their own questions and concerns for us to consider. Happy chatting!


Have your say in the ECD Qualification process

BRIDGE has prepared an overview of the QCTO qualification process and products as a quick fact sheet (PDF) for stakeholders. We hope the summary of the curriculum model will be helpful when you engage with the work produced by the working group in the QCTO formats. 

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